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Looking for a Travel Partner

First of all, I’m writing in english because I don’t want to limit my options and I would really like to find someone that knows at least a little english or is intelligent enough to use Google Translate and understand what I’m writing. I travel full time and knowing english is a big plus.

I’ve been to more than 40 countries. I’ve traveled with family, with friends, with my ex girlfriend, but most of my travels I’m by my own. It’s been amazing, I learnt a lot, I´ve met very interesting people but now it’s time to “settle down”. I want to continue traveling but I would love to have someone to share my experiencies with.

More than a travel partner I’m looking for a life partner.

Someone to share life with. Share my thoughts, my feelings, share everything. Not only my travels. That’s what life is about, right?

Sharing time (the most precious thing we have) with people you love.

I’m not an easy guy, most of the people call me crazy because I gave up a promising career for an “unstable” nomad life. Like if being stable would be dictated by a job or where you are. Anyways, I value my time more than anything so I don’t want to waste it.

looking for a travel partner

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but I do really know what I’m looking for. So I decided to make it public. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t, but I’m sure it will help me organize and prioritize what I want.

So, I’m looking for someone who:

  • Loves to travel

It’s a dealbreaker, if you don’t like to travel, please do not keep reading, don’t waste your time. It’s my passion and I’m going to travel all my life. I may change the way I travel but I’ll keep traveling, I’ll keep moving.

  • Is very flexible/adaptable

Someone who could sit in the table with Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace and enjoy the experience but could also grab a snack in a streetfood market in Bangkok and eat it while walking through lots of people. Who won’t complain if a flight is delayed or changed. Someone who would be comfortable living in different continents and would be able to take the best out of each place.

  • Is intelligent, curious and loves to learn new things

Conversation is very important for me. You can have the best physical chemistry in the world, but for a real relationship to work out you need to have conversational chemistry. You need to have similar interests. Similar levels of curiosity, and intelligences that match. I cannot stand wasting my time talking to someone who cannot go into deep topics or avoids debating about important things. I hate small talk and superficial conversations. I want brains. Nowadays they call it sapiosexual.

  • Is independent and has entrepreneurial tendencies

I’m not looking for a startup co-founder or something similar. Don’t need a serial entrepreneur. I just want someone who’s independent in every aspect of life. Whose opinion is not influenced by someone else’s, and more than anything whose actions are not influenced by someone else, or at least not that much. Ideally, it would be someone who can work remotely from anywhere in the world. If it’s her own project/business, better.

  • Is a daydreamer / an idealist, but practical

I love people that daydream and have clear goals an a purpose in life. I don’t have time for complainers. You need to be practical. You can’t be up in the clouds the whole day, you have to take action. That’s the only way, at least the only way I know, you can actually change things.

  • Is sociable and friendly

I’m not the most sociable person in the world. In fact, believe it or not, I’m an introvert. But traveling puts you in front of thousands of different people and there’s nothing more valuable than those interactions with the people you meet on the road. Traveling is not about the places you visit but the people you share moments with.

  • Is a generous person

If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. I mean, really, it’s not just a nice quote. It’s the truth. Helping can take many forms. If you’re reading this you’re probably in the top 5% of the world population in terms of pretty much any social stat you want to measure. So realizing that and give back to the people that had less opportunities in life is something I really care about.

  • Likes sports

I’m not looking for a sports freak. And of course I’m talking about doing sports and not watching them on tv. I would like to be with a girl that takes care of her health and is active. Traveling implies moving a lot, I don’t want to be dragging someone around the globe.

And then there are some things that may sound like details to some people, but they are things I don’t negotiate. They are very important things to me. I care a lot about them.

  • Smoking

I hate smoking. There’s no point. There’s no benefit in smoking. No one that matches the previous list should smoke, it’s not a smart thing to do.

  • Drinking

I don’t usually drink. Maybe a glass of wine if I’m having a nice dinner or a fancy cocktail at a party. I’m not expecting the same. You can drink and it’s fine. What I don’t like is people that get wasted all the time. I just don’t get people that go out with the only purpose of getting wasted. And the people that need to get wasted to talk to someone, it’s so stupid. But I’ll leave that for another day. You can get drunk every once in a while, but don’t be an alcoholic. If you are one, don’t even try. Save my (and your) time, please.

  • Family

I’m a guy that thinks that if you’re in a serious relationship (and that’s what I’m looking for) you end up being part of another family. And family is the most important thing for me. I understand that we are going to build a new family, but we’re going to be part of a bigger family. It’s crucial that you have a nice family. I’m not going to ask for a united loving family because I understand is a very rare thing nowadays. But at least good people. I know you didn’t choose it but I still really care about the people you grew up with and made you who you are today.

  • International exchange experience

I was not sure to write this or not but I finally decided to include it because having lived abroad gives you a different way to look at the world. People that have had an exchange experiences or that have lived in another country or that come from a multicultural family (even better) are way more open to new things and understanding and accepting the differences between people. And it’s a huge thing. The world would be very different if people would travel more.


It’s funny that this ended up looking like a job offer, but it was my way to keep things clear for myself.

Lo que no sabías de Tinder (knowing Spanish would be nice)

Many people told me this was a stupid thing to do, and I kind of agree with them. But I don’t care, it helped me organizing my thoughts.

My friends tell me the only way to meet someone like this is by traveling more and, you know, maybe is true, or maybe not, or maybe I’ve already met her. Lots of maybes, but really, who knows?


Mi espíritu emprendedor y mis ganas de conocer de mundo me llevaron a dejar atrás la vida de oficina y perseguir el sueño de convertirme en nómada digital. Siempre estoy buscando nuevas oportunidades, no me puedo quedar quieto.


12 Responses to Looking for a Travel Partner

  1. Andre 6 febrero, 2017 at 12:48 am #

    Me matas jajajaja!! Todo lo que decís lo tengo…es muy gracioso!!! Ojalá tengas suerte, yo quiero algo similar por no decir lo mismo casi, ojalá el destino nos cruce con la persona que nos acompañe!!

    Soy concuñada de Agus… El loco de Alvear…ojalá se crucen de nuevo en alguna ciudad y pasen cosas como las que Han pasado juntos!! Besos!

    • Francisco Ortiz 6 febrero, 2017 at 8:36 am #

      Gracias Andre! Seguro que me lo voy a cruzar al “loco de Alvear”, en algún lado nos veremos de nuevo, seguro. Y con respecto a lo otro, soy de la idea que no se puede salir a buscar, pero tener las cosas claras sobre lo que uno quiere hace que sea más fácil identificarl@ cuando pasa por el frente jaja.
      Saludos desde Londres!

  2. Sanau 6 febrero, 2017 at 8:24 am #

    It seems that you have just found her, maybe?😜

    • Francisco Ortiz 6 febrero, 2017 at 8:41 am #

      Maybe, who knows? 😜

  3. Kia 6 febrero, 2017 at 11:22 am #

    You are right! While I was reading the article, my first thought was: good points but… Is this Boy trying to receive a character CV from women to apply to his life-partner posting?
    Sure there are several women with a similar wish as yours and who fulfil the objectives… although what would be the “trigger” that make them say?: hey! I’m here, I’m your hero, we can be a good match!
    I’m not opposing your views. I just think sometimes we have to be more flexible in what we want and listen more to our heart to what we actually “need”. I don’t know… May be to not ‘block’ somebody for a simple quality/attribute we think we need from other. After all we are talking about people… about souls… and we cannot chose them with one finger. We need “feelings”, “heartbeats” and “vibration soul” to get a connection.
    It’s only one point of view from one person of this huge universe!
    Enjoy your life travel and good luck in your partner search, Fran!. However sometimes we also need to let them find us.
    Thanks for your writings!! 😉

    • Francisco Ortiz 6 febrero, 2017 at 3:20 pm #

      Kia, I totally agree with you. I’m not looking for a CV, I’ not even looking for an answer to this post (although I got some “proposals” haha). I have to say I wrote this article in my mind more than a year ago and today I’m in a very happy, fulfilling relationship with someone that checks almost all the boxes but someone I came across by chance. I was not looking for anyone, but knowing what I wanted made it easier to recognize it when I had it in front of me.
      I think the “formula” is successful relationship = chemistry + timing. Chemistry is the easy part, but timing’s a b*tch (Robin Scherbatsky’s words haha).
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

      • Kia 6 febrero, 2017 at 3:54 pm #

        jaja Por lo visto esclarecer la lista fue un ÉXITO, se permitieron encontrar!!
        Apoyo las palabras de Robin, esa es una combinación perfecta (y si hay química, un tiempito también hay!!).
        Saludos desde Argentina.

        • Francisco Ortiz 6 febrero, 2017 at 8:18 pm #

          jaja la lista la hice mucho antes, pero sí, funcionó jaja. A veces el timing no es controlable o no del todo. No es tan fácil como hay química, nos queremos y ya.
          Saludos desde Londres!

  4. David M. 8 febrero, 2017 at 9:51 am #

    Fran me reí mucho con esta publicación… dije como “hey I’m not the only one ‘picky’ here” :)… Cada una de las caracteristicas de mi acompañante favorito. Practicidad es clave, alguien que no se queje sino que nos ayude a resolver problemas y a disfrutar de las pequeñas cosas de la vida. Éxitos en esa busqueda.

    Saludos desde Filipinas!

    • Francisco Ortiz 8 febrero, 2017 at 10:22 am #

      Gracias por el comentario David! Sí, coincido en que la practicidad es clave en esta vida viajera. La gente con muchos rollos me cansa jaja no estoy para escuchar quejas todo el día. Siempre para adelante.
      Saludos desde Londres (envidiando el clima de Filipinas)!

  5. valle 19 febrero, 2017 at 6:20 pm #

    En el 2015 te escribí porque publicabas experiencias, consejos y demás de tus work and travel.
    Te habrá pasado la primera vez, que sentís un montón de ansiedad y querés irte YA, pero el miedo y la incertidumbre de no saber qué va a pasar, es insoportable: Me va a alcanzar la plata? Qué voy a hacer en mis días libres? Voy a tener amigos o voy a estar sola?
    Bueno, te escribi porque necesitaba que me cuentes en detalle un par de cosas, estaba muerta de miedo.
    Te cuento que al final me animé, y siento que puse mucha valentía de mi parte, pero si no hubiese sido por vos, por tu blog (creo que en esa epoca tenias blog…?) y tus respuestas por Facebook, no me hubiese animado.
    Nada, contribuiste a lo mejor que me paso en la vida, sin tu incentivo definitivamente no hubiese ido.
    Creo que, coincido con vos cuando ponés entre las cualidades que buscás en una pareja “que haya hecho un intercambio cultural”. Te cambia la vida, ves todo desde otro punto de vista, valorás más; salís de este ciclo vicioso, de esta constante rutina de la sociedad… Es increible!
    Noto que sos tan exigente como yo a la hora de elegir a alguien, creo que no te interesa algo pasajero, sino algo que va más allá de lo cotidiano, o lo normal. Es complicado a esta edad encontrar gente asi. Sos un poco poeta, me encanta!

    Un abrazo enorme Fran, GRACIAS!

    Valle, de Santiago del estero

    • Francisco Ortiz 19 febrero, 2017 at 7:21 pm #

      wooow Valle, me hiciste emocionar, estoy con los ojos llenos de lágrimas, literal. Me alegro muchísimo de haber contribuido a que tengas semejante experiencia y más me alegro que haya tenido un impacto tan positivo en vos. No sé que decir jaja. Leer que alguien me diga que ayudé a que haga algo que le cambió la vida para bien, es algo increíble para mí. Es mi uno de mis dos objetivos principales en la vida: impactar positivamente en la mayor cantidad de gente posible. Gracias! Gracias por escribir este mensaje.
      Gracias por lo de “un poco poeta” jaja. Y sí es complicado encontrar alguien así pero existen esas personas así como existís vos. Yo estoy 99,9% seguro que ya encontré la mujer de mi vida (con la que me gustaría formar una familia feliz que es mi otro objetivo), ojalá tengas la misma suerte.
      Gracias de nuevo y para cualquier cosa en la que te pueda ayudar, me avisás.
      Me voy a dormir en la cama de un hostel en Batumi (Georgia) con toda la cara mojada de lágrimas pero con una sonrisa de oreja a oreja. Gracias y un beso grande!

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